2006-02-04: Ask God for a place to pray.

Dear Father God,

I am still thinking about a place to retreat and pray this morning.  Thank You for putting that longing in my heart because it is causing me to be more diligent in praying for Emerald Hills.  The vision is becoming clearer and clearer — this quiet place to be free from the clutter of the world and commune with You. 

This morning I have been reading and thinking about 24-7 prayer.  That’s what I envision at Emerald Hills.  Do You see it the same way, God?  I pray, Father, that Emerald HIlls will be a place where prayer never ceases.  It doesn’t need to be in just one room that is specifically set aside for prayer, however intense and magnifying that will be.  I am asking, dear God, that prayer will resonate from the prayer trails, from the offices, from the meeting rooms, from the classrooms, from every corner, from every space at Emerald Hills.  Please, God, make it happen.

In the Name of Jesus,