2006-02-03: Ask God for a place to pray, retreat, and learn.

Like the deer pants for water..."O Father,

Just like a deer pants for water after a run in the fields, that is how my heart is longing for You. Many times I have desired to retreat to a place that is quiet, that is full of the beauty of Your creation, that is free from distractions.  I want to spend uninterrupted time with You so that I can know You better and love You more.  I want to hear You speak about Your will for my life, about Your will for the world.  …

I want to learn how to do Your work in the way You want it done.  I just want to spend some quiet time with You, God.  I just want to pray. 

Thank You, Father, that Emerald Hills can be such a place.  Fulfill that vision for Emerald Hills.  Make it a place to pray, retreat, and learn.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen."