2019-06-25: Summer Outreaches.

Lift up Team Expansion missionaries and their summer outreaches. Pray for the annual summer Sports and English camp in Taiwan; for English clubs in various fields for children and adults; for English camp is Spain; for beach days and games to make the Gospel attractive to those who have never heard before. Pray that lives are eternally changed through intentional summer outreaches.

2019-06-24: Zume Project.

Praise God that Zume project has 9 languages complete (Arabic, English, Farsi, Hindi, Indonesian, Somali, Spanish, Telugu, and Thai) and currently in heavy duty construction are Italian, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Lao, and Mandarin. Pray for the translation teams and the reviewers to be diligent in their hard work. Pray that many will become disciple makers through this tool of online training in disciple making movements.

2019-06-22: Women in Turkey.

Many women in Turkey spend a great deal of their time in their homes cooking, cleaning, and caring for children. Father, we pray that You will use this environment and circumstance to touch the lives of countless women. Heal loneliness, strengthen fatigue, hear prayers, reveal Your love, use television and internet and neighbors – meet these women, we pray.

2019-06-21: P-town.

Pray for P-town and its surrounding villages as workers continue to reach out to children, to their parents, to Rotary members, to schoolteachers, to café owners, and to friends, neighbors, and family members. Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in this work and for Albanians to come to know the Risen Lord very soon.

2019-06-20: Answering the Prayer of Workers.

Praise God for answering the prayer of workers in a European majority Muslim country. After YEARS of faithful prayers, the government has finally made an official decision to exempt customs tax on the religious community!! That means for Team Expansion workers that their clothing ministry can continue without fear of high or unfair taxes or arbitrary fines assigned at the border. Give thanks to our Father for this provision!

2019-06-17: Drawing the Elderly.

Praise God for drawing the elderly to Himself in a French-speaking country of Africa. Pray for an old man who weekly sits in front of a Christian church throughout the worship service. He is interested in following Jesus but does not enter the church because his family wants him to remain Muslim. Pray the Holy Spirit speaks to this man. Pray that this man would accept Jesus and choose to follow Him all the days of his life.

2019-06-16: Syria.

Father, you have not forgotten Syria. You are a good Father who is faithful and remembers His children. From the farthest reaches of this nation – East to West, North to South – call Your children to Yourself, Lord. We pray that your children in Syria flock to their Good Shepherd.

2019-06-15: People of Peace.

Team Expansion workers are on the search for people of peace in every region they serve. Father, we ask you to put genuine seekers in the paths of true believers who can point them to your Son Jesus, their salvation.

2019-06-14: Churches Contributing to Connect.

Praise God for churches contributing to Connect Gathering 2019 for Team Expansion workers to enjoy retreat and gain spiritual blessing. Pray that this year’s conference enables, equips, and encourages workers and their families for going back to their fields of service. Pray for disciple making movements and fruitfulness.

2019-06-13: Beautiful Mountain Setting.

Give thanks for a beautiful mountain setting for a retreat venue for Team Expansion workers attending the annual Connect Gathering. Give thanks for the employees at the retreat center who have prepared and served meals, cleaned rooms, and provided a restful respite for global workers. Ask God to make them prosperous and continue to bless their ministry.