2011-11-07: Offer on the Hopewell House.

At long last — we rec'd today an offer on the Hopewell House — for exactly $100,000. That's the exact amount we paid for it in 1997. The buyer is a partner in a contractors' firm, so we are hoping his line of credit would be better than the last prospective buyer — who could never get a loan. He did not specify any other contingencies. Please join me in praying that it's a go. $100,000 is one thing — and not having to mow it, pay basic utilities, plus pay the terrorism insurance on it (all of which were required and added up to $500/mo.) is also helpful. As you know, our monthly mortgage is $10,000 or so. So just taking out the $500/mo expenses for it would, in effect, generate enough discovered income to cover about 1/6 of the shortfall we've been experiencing of late. (I believe we've been about $3000/mo short, on average.)

Our plan is to hold on to that cash in a fluid savings fund so that we can use it to "make up" for the amount we've been short each month to pay the mortgage. We'll keep you apprised of any developments. Pray hard.