2011-07-19: Busy Day.

Please join our VP of Mobilization as well as others at Emerald Hills in praying for this busy day. Here are some requests:

1. A local Christian businessman will come on-site to start the day in bible study/prayer and regular discipleship with one of our staff at one of our prayer shelters and also tour the prayer trails. (Pray for this businessman.)
2. A woman from a nearby town (45 minutes away) will shadow one of our event leaders as she considers applying to join Team Expansion as an Events Coordinator. (Pray for her.)
3. The president of a Louisville organization will come to meet with our president to explore the purpose, vision, mission, values and passions of Team Expansion and Emerald Hills and possible ways that his organization could possibly help. (Pray for both)

4. The 10 Missionary Candidates and 6 MKS will meet for another day (7th) of LAUNCH training and orientation and preparation. (pray for Launchers and the trainers)
5. Three different missionary couples will be making rounds and meeting independently with Team Expansion staff members in Mobilization, Training, Member Care, Creative Arts, Security, and Prayer. (Pray for the missionaries and the staff)
6. A group of local business leaders and team members will be visiting our campus to be trained by our DSOTO (discipleship school of the outdoors) staff. (Pray for the participants and for our staff leading/training them)

And of course all the other stuff that normally goes on will continue to go on too!
Praise God for the opportunity to serve the unreached of the world through Team Expansion.

Please keep International Services of Team Expansion and the ministries on our mission campus Emerald Hills and around the world in your prayers!