2011-03-14: Praying for Japan.

Every morning at Emerald Hills, the International Services staff meets together to pray for unreached peoples and for Team Expansion workers all over the world. Of course, we are praying for Japan. Here's a message from one of our workers in Osaka:


Thank you all so much for your concern and prayers.  We are all OK here in Osaka, but hurting so much for the people of northern Japan. e had a really good worship time together as a network today, centered on prayer for those suffering. Chad is preparing to take a team up to assist in the relief efforts as early as possible – we are waiting for more information on logistics and praying about the timing of heading up.  Right now, they are only allowing government approved rescue teams into the affected areas.  It is very difficult to sit here and wait, but in the meantime, we can pray and prepare.  We are buying up supplies and food to transport in as soon as we can.

We are sending here a link for a powerful video that may encourage you to keep praying for the people of Japan. Perhaps it is even something you could use in your churches as you pray with and for us. This is not our video, but it is posted on facebook and was sent to us: