2010-12-05: International Day of Prayer for /Sudan.

30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World                     Ramadan 2011 / 1432:  August 1 – 30

International Day of Prayer for Sudan


Please join us this coming Sunday, 5th December for prayer for Sudan. Sunday has been designated as the International Day of Prayer for Sudan.

Specifically we are praying for a free, fair and safe referendum. The referendum, when South Sudan is to vote on whether it will choose independence or be part of a united Sudan, takes place 9th January, 2011. It is believed that S. Sudan will have to declare independence and then let the fighting happen…hoping the Int'l community will stop the war quickly.

Sudan has been torn with war for many years, both Religious and Cultural (tribal wars). There is little unity in Sudan, the largest country of Africa. The North is Islam and the South is Christian / Animist. Another war is likely to draw surrounding countries into conflict as well.

Please get your church to pray on Sunday. WEA (World Evangelical Alliance) has promised to mobilise its entire global community in praying for a free, fair and safe referendum and is asking the National Evangelical Alliances to lobby their respective governments in supporting the timeline of the referendum.

See our Take Action for Sudan web page for detailed prayer requests and further links to background information about the current situation in Sudan.

Thank you, God bless, Ron and the 30-Days team.

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