2010-11-02: E. H. Corral

From the very beginning of our master-planning for Emerald Hills, we've envisioned the day that God would supply a few animals that visiting missionaries of all ages could enjoy and care for on our campus. At the same time, we didn't want to force the issue. We wanted to wait on God to direct our path as to when, what, and how we would move forward to stock what we might refer to as the "E.H. Corral."


In 2010, without any effort on our part, God jump-started the corral by inspiring some visionary individuals to offer us some very special animals. Because of our love for God's creation, we're trying to be very intentional, proactive, through prayer seek the best fit so that the E.H. Corral can feature the best possible mix of animals that are "easy keepers," great with kids of all ages, and appropriate for a ministry whose primary goal is "transforming communities by planting churches among the unreached."


Please pray with us that God will grant wisdom and relationships so that we can make the very best decisions for the long-term good of the organization.