2010-09-20: Thanking God.

Join me in thanking God for a big weekend at Emerald Hills:

*** The Grundy Church of Christ group worked hard in their overnight short-term mission trip here. They brought a small bus and a van and, with the help of Hazel, Joe, and Tara, were able to completely finish the new Clarence Greenleaf prayer shelter. You'll soon see it through the falling leaves, off the end of the edge of the service road turn-around basketball court. Thanks to Joe for being ready-to-roll by the time they arrived, with the site completely prepped and all materials on hand.

*** The First Church of Christ group, headed up by Darin Mirante,
*completely* finished painting the fence that begins at "The Point" and heads toward the Meiners' house in the North Woods. That fence has needed a good paint job since it was first constructed in 2008. We're grateful that they conquered it.

*** First Church brought a check for $3000 which completes their entire "29"
Project payment for the First Church of Christ Burlington Prayer Shelter (already constructed, beside the Manhattan bridge that joins the Tulip Tree Loop and the Tall Timber Trail.

*** Our mortgage principal, which began at $1.925 million in July 2009, fell to $1,566,174. That's remarkable when viewed alongside the fact that we've somehow managed to make the payment of $12,800 every single month along the way. (Shaking my head in disbelief.) Please join me in thanking God for this fact — nothing short of a miracle.

May God bless this home stretch in 2010. Please ask the Lord to bless the ad for MTM2010 appearing in the NACC Update, which should start arriving in 27,000 mailboxes as early as mid-week. See the refreshed site to which they will be directed at…