2010-08-12: Big Day.

Please pray for one another as we tackle this crazy, exciting day at Em.
Hills. We have….
*** Two-week Jonathan Training happening in the Dining area downstairs (Jonathan Training, named after Jonathan in the O.T., trains team leaders to utilize their leadership gifts to envision, plan, and effectively carry out the reaching of a totally unreached people group using a variety of different approaches)
*** One-week Kairos taking place in Bob's basement
*** One-day short-term trip from First Church Burlington (working on a variety of jobs, including a new home for the Gypsy Vanner horse soon to be donated to Team Expansion!)
*** One-day visit by leaders from a church in Fresno, California, who are partnering with us to share the Good News of Christ with a group in a sensitive land in South Asia
*** A noon webinar (phone conference) with church leaders who have already adopted unreached peoples, some with projects 14-years ongoing
*** A prayer group gathering at 9:10, praying, among other things, on this 2nd day of the Muslim month of Ramadan (fast) for the reaching of the Muslim world
*** Several team members preparing for a short-term missions team from NE Ohio, arriving tomorrow, with 27 young people who want to learn about missions, Team Expansion, and the unreached world
*** A planning team focusing on doing a mailing that will seek to find 230 additional churches, groups and individuals to 'adopt' a remaining month each on the principal of our 25-year loan for Emerald Hills, then pay for that principle by Christmas. (The amonts range from $3000 – $11000; 40 of the 270 months have already been adopted for prepayment by year's end.)

Exciting day… challenging day… stretching day!  Please pray for Emerald Hills, Team Expansion, and God's purposes in both to be fulfilled!