2010-07-16: Football Team.

Tonight at Emerald Hills some amazing things took place when CAL Football Varsity players, coaches and some dads assembled.

God be praised!!!!!

Ben Barnes, his wife and a friend led us in worship and praise for about an hour.

I was able to share a short devotion on the common Spirit between Team Expansion and CAL Football.  We reminisced the Bell County game. We saw the 3 minute video about an unreached people group in N.E. India.  We saw three other short videos about Evangelism, Being Alive in Christ, and Blindness. 

Individually many gathered, I didn’t get the final count. (50 – 60?)

But when given the opportunity to Give Back to God, by partnering with Team Expansion, to help reach the unreached peoples of the world, 43 men and young men responded and made a huge statement!  Between them and God individuals filled out response forms by coming forward and putting their response in a basket of 6700 pennies.  Each penny symbolizes and represents one of the 6700 unreached people groups in the world.

30 People said I will pray daily for unreached peoples and Team Expansion initiatives by joining the Prayer Force.

9 People said I will make a donation to Team Expansion and gave the amount and the date by which they will make that donation.  The donations amounted to $635.00

7 People said I will come and work at Team Expansion for a whole day doing whatever project they assign me.

1 Person said I will adopt a month of the Amortization Chart and trust the Lord to provide me the funds to pay it off by Dec. 2010.

5 People said I will join Enlarge the Harvest and make a donation of $100.00 twice a year when asked. (4 new, and 1 said Continue)


4 People said I will attend Jonathan Seminar on August 7th, 2010 at Emerald Hills to learn the amazing things God is doing among unreached people groups around the world.

1 Person said I will commit to focused, intentional "bottom line" prayer as a regular part of my time with my family

What an incredible response, I’m humbled by it to tell the truth.

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