2010-03-16: Multiply the Momentum.

To complete Phase I of our new missions nerve center, we were slated to make 270 relatively low payments toward principal over the next 25 years. Unfortunately, the associated interest cost is the killer. However, if a friend of the Great Commission stepped forward, volunteering to pay just the principal of one of those 270 payments in the name of a particular unreached people group (or loved one), and if we could, by God's grace, find 270 such friends willing to pay each month's principal early (by Dec. 25, 2010), we would save the Kingdom, and Team Expansion, nearly $2 million dollars!

In order to build its capacity for prayer, training, member care and missions mobilization for unreached peoples, Team Expansion is constructing a 61-acre training campus in Louisville, Kentucky. Several close friends of the organization (along with a good number of Team Expansion missionaries as well, actually) have already contributed more than half of the costs associated with Phase I of this exciting new project. Now Team Expansion's leaders are offering the opportunity for others to participate as well. In particular, the organization is praying that God would raise up 270 friends or groups of friends to donate directly toward the principal of the Phase I loan. 

  That's the essence of the campaign: Find 270 partners or "Advocates" to "adopt" a particular month's mortgage payment… but only the payment to principal. Because we'll be paying all the month's payments ahead of the time they're due, the interest payment will never have to be charged. These 270 Advocates will be saving the Kingdom of God nearly $2 million.

If we're successful, we'll owe our deepest apologies to the bank for the profit they'll never see on the loan. Not to worry though — In this case, we know the banker and he'll be celebrating right along with us, the happiest of all. In fact, he's already made a sizeable gift himself. 

  Note that Team Expansion is requesting that the payments be submitted no later than December 25, 2010. This will give us time to process the loan out before 2010 is finished, thus saving every last interest payment possible. (Go to http://www.mtm2010.com for more information.)


The first step in this process is to PRAY!  Ask God what part you can play to Multiply the Momentum.