2010-03-05: Pray for Emerald Hills — Home of 3 Key Resources.

3 Key Resources
for those who Study, Speak, Serve, Send, and Go for His Sake
Doug Lucas
Team Expansion
Em Hills, Louisville, KY

March 5, 2010
Welcome to "3 Key Resources" from Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, in Louisville, KY. Here are 3 items I hope you'll find useful.
Attn: Church Secretaries, please relay this email to others in your church, youth ministry or missions team. Thanks for your partnership!

1) Attend "Our Father's World" Webinar for Freewill Offering
Looking for a fresh perspective on a Christian (non-political) response to the environmental crisis? Look no further — but do act fast. You can attend in person (at Emerald Hills) or in your pajamas (via your computer and the internet). And now you can hear Ed Brown's presentations March 6th, 8am – 4:45pm, for the cost of a freewill offering. But you do need to sign up at www.events.teamexpansion.org . Take part in prayer walks on the beautiful Emerald Hills campus, or take prayer walks in the privacy of your own backyard. That's this Saturday, beginning at 8am. If you plan to take part via computer, make sure you register in advance so you can get the special link to listen in on each session.

The "Our Father's World" Workshop will air Saturday at 8am for a freewill offering!
Rely on Brigada Today as a free archive of Resources, Behaviors, and skills for global outreach

2) Brigada website and weekly e-zine: Helping you stay Current in Global Outreach
The price is right: free! Since January 1995, Brigada has been sending a weekly email with a dozen or so paragraph-long items designed to help you become all the more effective in missions, advocacy, and support. In some ways, it's a strange concoction of topics: online websites, real live conferences on  a variety of missions-related themes, software, on-line web services, gizmos, cool tools, opportunities for service worldwide, and much much more. Don't miss your chance to bulk up with resources! The website:


There is no charge for participating in Brigada.

3) Get One Year of Free Consulting to Help your Church Reach an Unreached People Group

Did you know that trained coaches from Team Expansion can help your church or group reach out to a previously unreached, unengaged people group — and that for the first year, that consulting is absolutely free? During the second year, we encourage your church to pitch in something each month toward the costs of these ministries — but even then, the choice is yours as to how much to send. And either way, Team Expansion will still facilitate your project and all the associated ministries that go along with it. What's more, we now make available to you, as a part of this consulting package, a special planning software chalked full of guiding steps to help you maximize the impact of your missions ministry in general — and your PACE Project in particular. Throughout the entire experience, Team Expansion is your partner, sharing resources, case studies, and lessons learned. You meet monthly via webinar along with other like-minded congregations, then follow up personally with your own Outreach Coach. Interested? Call Team Expansion today 1-800-447-0800 and ask for Tim the Training Toolman or write TStapleton@TeamExpansion.org.