2009-01-08: Heat!

That was the first worship song ever sung under the new lights in the Prayer Center & Atrium…. "Shine, Jesus, Shine!" If you have a moment, browse to:


then click on the "ConstructionCam" at the far right. See the light!

On top of that… the *heat* came on today and within 40 minutes, even the lower level had warmed up to toasty temps. Even though the offices down there still have no flooring (just concrete), and some even have concrete walls, I could still feel the warmth — despite all that cold mass — and could tell that it is *not* going to be a damp, cold feeling in the lower level. Quite the contrary… it was *very* comfortable already.

So there were probably 20 of us in a circle, singing that first worship song, then offering a prayer of thanksgiving up to God — for light and heat. One step closer. This is the home stretch. Please pray for…

*** Wisdom in figuring out all the final numbers. Nobody has ever built this particular building, exactly like this, before.

*** Continued great relationship with our bank. What a joy to have a bank who believes in us!

*** Empowerment to pay off the loan — that's the critical piece that we're

all praying for… May God give us wisdom on that.