2008-12-09: Praise God for Numbers 23 and 24.

Emily Heeringa is very excited to announce that we now have our 24th partner for the 29 Project! She applied for a grant from the Davis Foundation in Youngstown, OH last fall and received a check in the mail for the full $24,000 today!

Please join Emily in praising God for this and ask that other grants would be awarded to do the same.

That puts us at 24 of the originally needed 29! Keep praying for those last 5 partners!

Crossroads Christian Church in Evansville, IN, came in as the 23rd partner — re-upping for a second shelter to be dedicated, most likely, to work and workers in the Muslim world.  Crossroads has already chosen the site for their second shelter to be built along the prayer trails at Emerald Hills.