2008-07-17: Cubicles from Crossroads.


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Volunteers gather to pray for the partitions donated today by Crossroads Christian Church for new offices at Emerald HillsHats off to Crossroads Christian Church (Evansville, IN) for sending us the brilliant load of office partitions, desks, and hardware! (Left: Volunteers pray for the partitions, asking God to "work a mighty work within them." Rick Lowry, along with his son, Bryant, brought them over today in a big box truck. From the looks of it, it seemed as if there were enough partition panels to create 10-12 offices. We already have enough partitions in the Hopewell House to make another 8. It's possible that when we add those all together, we'll have enough partitions for the entire new Prayer Center & Atrium set-up (where we'll office for the first couple of years at Emerald Hills). We're not sure how much this gift is worth financially, but we know what it meant to us personally. What a boost! And since Rick is the Chairman of the Leadership Task Force (Team Expansion's Board of Directors), it was a special encouragement, since he accompanied us back to the office and spoke to our entire staff at a luncheon in the crowded little mini-auditorium there.