2008-02-02: Bulldozers on Monday!

That's right… bulldozers start working on the Prayer Center & Atrium site at Emerald Hills on Monday, preparing a catch basin, digging the basement, and building the parking area. The Prayer Center & Atrium structure will be the hub of a two-winged structure, which, Lord willing, will eventually house Int'l Services offices, a full-scale training & retreat facility for 150 participants, a commercial kitchen and dining space (also for 150), an indoor work-out area and family life center with a full-size gym for basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer games featuring "Asia vs. South America" missionary playoffs. 🙂 Under the same roof will tentatively also be housing for about 40 program participants, with the other 110 staying a few dozen yards away in a dedicated housing building. And as for the Prayer Center & Atrium itself, in its final configuration, it'll be just what its name says — a full-time Prayer Center & Atrium for our 'up front' building and the "Big Picture" of world evangelism. The entire campus is being designed intentionally and specifically for missionaries, keeping in mind all along the churches and other organizations that might want to rent it when it isn't needed for training recruits and welcoming furloughing missionaries. The purpose of the campus is summed up in 3 words: "Pray, retreat and learn." Please lift up the construction process in prayer. We currently have about $350,000 in cash and/or commitments. The end budget should come in around $700,000 – $800,000, depending on how much work can be done by volunteers. That's about 20% less than typical construction costs for similar buildings, primarily because of those volunteers and donated materials we'll hope to connect during the next few months. The building should be ready for occupancy by Christmas.