2007-07-27: Answered Prayer.

 Joe has good news this morning from our construction package vendor. Believe it or not, in spite of doubling the size of the basement (and not to mention virtually a year of inflation), the price of the log package actually went *down*. Turns out we'll have to pay $313,000 for the entire 10,000-square-foot structure. That includes virtually everything above ground — except mechanicals. Still, many builders regularly tell customers to allow two- to three-times the cost of the log package to estimate the final product… meaning that we could still be anywhere from $650,000 to up to $900,000 for the final building costs. Let's hope we can lean more toward the $650,000. 🙂

To this package, we'll have to add the costs of the excavation & basement, plus the costs of the septic treatment prairie and the associated array of pipes and fields.

So the good news is — our pricing so far seems right on track with what we had hoped…. and in fact,… actually *under* expectations.

Answered prayer. Next step – Joe takes these plans to the city, asks for quotes for the excavation & basement, while getting the septic system under way.