2007-07-11: Wilmington Church of Christ.

Praise God!  The Wilmington Church of Christ elders have approved participation in Project 29. A check for $24,000 will be sent to Team Expansion around the end of August.  Praise the Lod or making Wilmington #14 in the list of "29" partners.


Elder Jack Tamplin sent the following words of encouragement along with thie good news:

"This was an easy decision on the part of the Wilmington leadership. Team Expansion has provided strong support and guidance for Wilmington missionaries John Bliffen, David Atkin, and April Hedrick (Cook). Team Expansion has faithfully sent and sustained missionaries in a multitude of fields over the past 20 plus years. Team Expansion has dedicated Emerald Hills for being even better prepared to fulfill the Great Commission. How could we say no to this worthwhile project? May God bless you with financial and prayer support from many dedicated congregations to glorify God in the development of Emerald Hills."