2007-05-11: 29 Years.

"Father, How fun it is to think that it was 29 years ago on the campus of what is now Kentucky Christian University that You planted the seeds that are now growing into the green, green grass of Emerald Hills.  Thank You for the impact that Team Expansion and its missionaries have had in extending the Gospel to  unreached people groups in the past 29 years. Increase those boundaries, Lord, to include more unreached peoples who will know Jesus as Savior.  I was thinking, Father, how exciting it would be if You could complete Project 29 in this 29th year and the Prayer Center/Atrium at Emerald Hills could be built.  We would give You all the glory and praise for doing that.  After all, how could we ever be so foolish as to believe as something as big as this which was begun in the Spirit could ever be attained through our human efforts?  Or how could we ever think that we could ever build the Prayer Center without You as the Builder?  Thank You, Father, for what You are going to do in Team Expansion's 29th year.  In the Name of Jesus, Amen."