2007-05-03: Pray with Vision and Faith.

Thanks for your ongoing prayers for Emerald Hills. Joe Wilson, our Facility Manager, met yesterday morning with the engineering firm that's helping us plan the site and the building. They also have been helping us relate to the city and get all our permits. The meeting went really well. The engineering firm has secured complete approval for everything we have wanted to do, pretty much exactly the way we had wanted to do it, and had even improved on some of our ideas, while giving wings to others that were previously just brainstorms.

The next step is for the firm to analyze the soil drilling that happened last week to determine how the soil depth will impact our building plans. There's a strong chance we can convert the plan to a full basement (instead of the half basement that we were planning), giving us 25% more building space.

Would you pray…
*** and thank God for Joe Wilson, our Facility Coordinator who has exactly the right balance of initiative and desiring input. He's really grasped the vision for our long-term hopes for the campus.
*** in faith, believing that God will supply all the needs for the campus.
*** with vision… asking the Lord to supply the remaining $400,000 or so that we estimate will be needed to construct the Prayer Center & Atrium building (which will house Int'l Services for the first couple of years while additional phases create permanent work space). These funds would be provided if we could just find the remaining 17 partners in the 29 initiative. 12 are already in place.