2007-01-10: God’s Amazing Provision.

The HVAC (heating & air conditioning) inspection for the barn was finally approved yesterday.

Tim Meiners has completed getting electric to the Fern Creek Christian Church Prayer Pavilion. There's a short post with an all-weather plug near the back (North corner) side. So now we'll be able to wire the lighting and receptacles for the rest of the pavilion.  With the completion of that wiring, we can now move forward with the final electrical inspection for the entire barn project.

Approval for the septic treatment plant should come through soon. Joe hopes it might be approved as early as tomorrow.

Crossroads Christian Church in Evansville, Indiana, has officially come on board as the eleventh partner with the "29" project. To date,this approach has generated $264,000 in income.

Two other donors who specifically didn't want to have shelters named for them pledged $54,000.

Another anonymous donor committed to covering the cost of the septic treatment system, which could end up being a $60,000 gift. 

A gift of $260,000 gift was received early on to pay for the Freedom Barn and other infrastructural improvements.

Numerous smaller gifts have come in along the way. (For example, $5000 arrived on Monday.)

All together, these gifts/commitments now total above $643,000.

Join us in thanking God for His amazing provision of blessing and encouragement. There is no doubt that He is encouraging us onward in pursuing this goal of a place for workers to pray, retreat, and learn about God's heart for the nations.