Join Us in Prayer for “29” Partners

Active ImageWould you take a moment today to pray that God will help us find 19 more partners to "adopt" a Prayer Shelter in the "29" program? Partners agree to build one of the 29 shelters, as well as to provide funding for the shelter parts, a mobile "mini-pc", and a portion of the Prayer Center/Atrium building that will initially house Int'l Services, and long-term, provide a future home for Team Expansion's prayer focus for years to come. (Click "read more" to see other pictures and hear more details.)

"I took my mom to the Lakota Prayer Shelter this afternoon," explained Doug Lucas, President of Team Expansion. "She was struck by how peaceful and inspiring it was." Active Image The Lakota structure is representative of 27 other (future) shelters that will be situated along prayer trails at Emerald Hills. (See a photo of the Lakota structure at right.)


Active Image"My mom asked, 'So this shelter cost $24,000?' I had to clarify: 'No mom, the $24K covers not only the cost of this prayer shelter kit, but also the cost of the mini-pc for prayer walks and for a large portion of the Prayer Center and Atrium up there on the rim of that amphitheater bowl." I gestured up to the top of the valley. "If we find a total of 29 partners, the cost of that building is covered. We have 10 so far."


[If you're interested or know of someone who might be, contact Doug or anyone at Int'l Services by calling 1-800-447-0800 today.]