2006-03-22: Thanking and Petitioning God for Emerald Hills.

"Dear Father, there is so much for which to thank You when we look at the property at Emerald Hills.  Words are not adequate to express the overflowing gratefulness of our hearts, so look at our hearts and teach us how to praise and thank You more.

Thank You for the new fence.  It certainly helps to keep the property free from vandals; but You, O God, are the Watchman.  Safeguard the property and protect the donors’ investments.

Thank You for the safe and successful offloading of the Cedar Forest package of materials with which to build the Fern Creek Christian Church Prayer Pavillion.  Thank You that the work went quickly, and Aaron did not have to suffer in the cold and messy weather for long.  Thank You that You already know all the next steps in the project .  Thank You for the volunteers who are preparing to raise the Pavillion.  Thank You for the impact of Power, Passion, Prayer, and Perseverance the Pavillion will have on the Harvest of souls and on Harvest Workers.

May You be glorified through it all.

In the Name of Jesus we pray, Amen."