2006-02-09: Lift up the World Harvest Center again and again and again and again…….

"Dearest Father,

You are the Lord of the Harvest and the Lord of the Harvest workers! 

Which reminds me. . . As  long as these seven beautiful missionary candidates are engaged in training (and, yes, they are at it again today!) at the International Services office, there is no way I can forget to lift up their preparations for their fields of service.  There is also no way I can forget about the many more candidates that You are raising up to reached the unreached.  Halleleujah! 

That brings me back to the request that has been lifted up to You for several days now — the World Harvest Center.  Father, I just see these Candidate Labs getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  There is an urgency for the Gospel to be preached in the farthest parts of the world.  People are responding to this task. I think, dear God, that we are going to need alot more space for training in the very, very, very near future.  In fact, we could use that space RIGHT NOW!

So again, Father, I am asking You to provide the funds, the volunteers, the wisdom, the guidance, and everything else that is needed to get this center built.

In the Name of Jesus