2006-01-30: Lift up our volunteers

It was good to be with You yesterday, dear Father, to worship You and to fellowship with Christians, to meet around our Lord’s table, to remember what Christ did for us, to look forward to His coming back for us, to examine ourselves, to pray, to sing, to read Your Word, to hear Your Word proclaimed, to join in the study of Your Word,  to see people added to the Body, to encourage one another, and to edify and build up one another. Now a new work week has begun.  May we continue in our worship of You at our work and through our relationships. 

 It’s a new work week at Emerald Hills as well.  There are still some tasks that need to be completed so that the Freedom Barn will be ready for dedication on February 18.  Protect those who are working at Emerald Hills this week.  Give them safety and productivity, give them strength and stamina.  Be with Aaron when he has to work alone.  Supply the needed volunteers and equip them for the jobs that need to be done.  In the Name of Jesus, Amen.