2006-01-28: Focus on eternity.

Amighty Father, as I stepped out my back door just after sunrise this morning, my eyes were attracted to the pink-edged clouds above, and my immediate thought was, "The heavens declare the glory of God." In fact, I shouted it, so that if any of my neighbors were awake, they could hear it. It appeared that they weren’t, so only my daughter heard it as she drove off to work. And You heard it.  Praise Your Holy Name!

 May our focus be on You today. It is You, the Creator of heaven and earth, Who has shown such goodness and mercy and loving kindness to us who are unworthy servants.  Thank you, Father. 

 I thought about the future, and how a morning like this will look and feel at Emerald Hills, how this beautiful setting in Your handiwork will radiate with praise for Your glory. So this morning as I stand before you, I also want to stand beside you in the tasks that lay ahead. Enable me, Father, as well as others who are joining the armies of men, women, and young people who are praying and volunteering to get the job done so that Emerald Hills can be a place which will facilitate the redemption of others all around the world.  May we focus on things above, on eternity, and on You Who is able to complete the good work You have begun. 

 In the Name of Jesus, Amen.