2006-01-12: Pray for the work day on Saturday

Here's where the action will be happening on Saturday"Lord, thank you so much for the great response we’re seeing to the work day coming up this Saturday. Please bless all who will participate. Help them to get as much out of it as they give. Please help everyone to be safe with the heights, the saw cuts, the power tools, the lifting, the heaving… and help them to all have fun — 20+ workers all purring in the same Freedom Barn. Please help them to be productive and effective and to work together in unity. Please raise up the funds to purchase the supplies for all that they will be building. In Jesus’ Name, Amen."

!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT UPDATE/ANSWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On January 15, just 3 days after this prayer… and 1 day after the work day, an anonymous donor at Fern Creek Christian Church gave $1000 to cover the luncheon meal for all 30 workers *plus* to sponsor the construction projects for that day and then some! Praise God for the Body of Christ (the way each person can use his/her personal gifts for His glory) and for answered prayer!