2006-01-03: Ask God to lead Eric, point man on fundraising

Ask the Lord to lead Eric, our point man on fundraising for Emerald Hills. Eric has set a goal to raise $1 million dollars during 2006. Pray God will empower Doug too, who hopes to write grant requests that would result in another $1/2 million. If they succeed, the World Harvest Center could be up by year's end. var fctb_tool=null; function FCTB_Init_17b4ce47c8989140b937cb15e40fff89(t) { fctb_tool=t; start(fctb_tool); } FCTB_Init_17b4ce47c8989140b937cb15e40fff89(document[‘FCTB_Init_ef36f48d6213d645895383fe9eb51b8f’]); delete document[‘FCTB_Init_ef36f48d6213d645895383fe9eb51b8f’]

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