2018-06-12: Salim.

Salim was born in the Middle East, to a very religious Muslim family and raised according to Islamic teaching. As teenager, Salim enlisted in terrorist group to fight for the cause of Islam and became a potential suicide bomber. His bombing attempt failed. Following a serious confrontation with religious leaders, Salim fled his own country to Brazil to become most dangerous criminals and eventually had to live in forest to hide from police. Salim did not neglect reading the Qur’an or his daily prayers. One day he prayed differently, questioning the creator of heaven and earth. “Who are you? Are you Buddha, Mary, Allah, Jesus of the Christians? Whoever you are, I only ask you this: free me from this my present life and I will follow you forever.” God answered, and Jesus presented Himself to Salim several days later. A believer went into the forest where Salim was hiding and shared the Gospel. Salim still faces many struggles, persecution, beatings and humiliations. He understands his sufferings are small comparison to Jesus’ suffering on the cross and Salim proclaims the Messiah to his own people, so they may know God’s love manifest in Jesus. Ask God to reveal Himself to more people like Salim, remembering God can transform lives. Ask God to motivate, encourage and train Muslim background believers for outreach among Muslims in Brazil and abroad.