2015-11-08: CMM Training.

When SF returned home after church multiplication movement training, he took time to prayer walk around his village, which has no believers other than his own family. He shared 45 Chronological Bible Stories with an interested person in his village. A few days later, the village headman paid him a visit and told him to leave the Christian faith or leave the village. If SF returned to spirit worship, he would be allowed to stay. As long as he is Christian, his family is refused registration documents. SF told the headman he has been a believer for 7-8 years and never had a problem before. He said he has rice planted in his fields and asked to be allowed to stay until after harvest. It was agreed. Pray that village leaders would change their minds and SF might be allowed to stay. Pray for SF and his unreached village and that SF might be able to plant a church there.