2018-10-31: Diligent, Concerted, and Energetic Prayer.

The house churches of Peter’s day prayed diligently, concertedly, and energetically. God answered their prayers by delivering him from prison to their doorstep. Ask God to raise up prayer advocates to stand in the gap for salvation and deliverance of unreached people groups.

2018-10-29: D-Course.

D-Course is an experiential training ground for students learning to be disciple makers. As God continues to develop and grow this program, ask God to supply a D-Course Director, Administrative Assistant and D-Course coaches.

2018-10-28: Graphic Designers.

There are lots of graphic designers out there who could be using their gifts, talents, and skills to propel forward the Good News of Jesus. Pray that God would send some of those graphic designers to serve through Team Expansion.

2018-10-27: Internet Technology.

Internet technology can be overwhelming for Team Expansion workers. At present we have a team of one that oversees the tech side of things for 300+ teammates. Ask God fervently for IT associates to flood through our doors.

2018-10-26: Discipleship School of the Outdoors.

Discipleship School of the Outdoors is an experiential education program that fosters growth and builds teams in an outdoor learning environment. Ask God to raise up more Experiential Education Facilitators for the outdoor challenge course and team building.

2017-10-25: Regional Coordinators for Zume Project.

Records show that, in the past 10 years, not a county in the United States has increased in making disciples of Jesus. Team Expansion is using a tool that has been proven to multiply disciples. That tool is called Zume, the Greek word for yeast. Many Team Expansion workers serving in the US and overseas are implementing this tool among their spheres of influence. Within the U.S., the aim is to have disciple making movements in every census track of US. Pray for regional coordinators

2017-10-24: Administrative Assistants.

Team Expansion has opportunities for Administrative Assistants. There are many big-picture visionaries in mission community, but for each visionary there needs to be someone who can organize and process every detail. Ask God to identify Administrative Assistants to serve His Kingdom and help BIG things happen for unreached peoples around the world.

2017-10-22: Relationships.

Praise God for building relationships between Brazilian, West Africans, and Team Expansion workers. Pray that God will orchestrate a sending base from Brazil using the Disciple Making Movement principles to take the Gospel to other Portuguese speaking countries as well as other peoples and places. Pray for the DMM training in Brazil (Oct 23-Nov 6) to be fruitful in raising up workers for the harvest, in DMMs for Brazil, West Africa, and beyond.

2017-10-21: Facilities Maintenance Associates.

Team Expansion urgently needs Facilities Maintenance Associates to come alongside the Facilities Manager to help maintain and develop Emerald Hills, our 61-acre campus outside of Louisville, KY. Ask God to supply these workers who can make an impact on the Kingdom.