2019-05-30: Intern in the Home Office.

Team Expansion can always use people in the home office with administrative and IT skills, to serve in various campus events, or even assist in grounds keeping. Thank God for one of the Pathways interns to serve her summer at International Services. Pray that she would commit to full-time mission service wherever God leads her.

2019-05-18: Internship Program.

Give thanks for Team Expansion’s internship program, Pathways, that empowers college age students to learn from fulltime workers in the field.  Pray for 13 Pathways interns attending Pre-Field Orientation May 18-25 in preparation for serving this summer in Asia, Ireland, the Middle East, New Zealand, Spain, and in the home office.

2019-05-17: Churches Forced to Close.

n 2018, many churches were forced to close, and numerous harvest workers were forced to leave Asia. Team Expansion workers have plans in place in case they must leave but continue to do as much as they can while in their adopted countries. Pray that God will use these workers to strengthen the believers they are discipling. Pray for disciple-making movements to multiply.

2019-05-16: Give Thanks!

Give thanks to God for raising up Christian teachers to serve in Japan. Ask God to empower workers to be a light to international students in their classrooms at Okinawa Christian School International. Many of the children do not hear the name of Jesus anywhere else.

2019-05-02: God’s Testimony in BiH.

Praise God for His testimony in BiH. Recently, workers gathered again for training, encouragement, and fellowship as a network of disciple-making movement practitioners, trainers, and coaches. Over 40 people, including a few guests who want to know more about DMM principles gathered together. Praise God for His goodness to see more Bosnian participation. There were Bosnians at every table and testimonies to how DMM principles can work if we don’t give up. The potential for expanding the Kingdom of God is significant. One believer testified to the value of meeting in homes, which is how he was saved and discipled 18 years ago.

2019-04-15: Fun-Loving People.

D and his wife M are two of the most fun-loving people you could ever meet. D claims to be an atheist. He never encouraged his children to deal with the matter of faith and God, but now D would like to see his grandchildren go to church in order to make informed decisions as to what they believe. Incredible, isn’t it? Pray for D and M in Ireland, their children, and their grandchildren to discover that there is a God who is real and loves them intensely.

2019-01-24: Zume Saturation Initiative.

March-November 2018, a Zume saturation initiative was started in West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Praise God that in 9 months we have seen 17 Senior/Lead Pastors and their churches implement Zume training. Out of 17 churches currently implementing Zume training, 15 Zume training groups have been started and 21 Discovery or 3/3rds groups have been started!

2019-01-14: Kairos Course.

Praise God for the mission course/tool that Team Expansion hosts three times a year. Pray for the Kairos course taking place January 14-18 to be effective in bringing participants closer to God’s heart and His desire for the nations.