2017-10-10: Sicily.

Another opportunity at Team Expansion is for workers among the 200,000 refugees and migrants in Sicily. Pray for believers to go into Sicily and other refugee centers to bring the hope of Christ to these displaced people. Ask that God’s name will be glorified mightily.

2017-10-09: Children’s Education.

Many of Team Expansion families are concerned about their children’s education. Some families home school, while others send their children to the local international schools or even enroll them in the local public educational system. Pray for teachers to come alongside our workers to ensure quality education that instructs with a Biblical worldview. Pray for Christian teachers to serve abroad for the purpose of sharing their story and God’s story.

2017-10-07: Visionary Team Leaders.

Team Expansion dreams of a day when the remaining 6,500 people groups have been reached with the Good News of Jesus. For that to happen, we all need to work toward this goal. Ask God to raise up visionary team leaders to join in the effort of spreading the Gospel to the darkest places in the world.

2017-10-05: Application Processor.

Team Expansion urgently needs a full-time person who will walk through the organization’s application process with prospective missionaries. The right person in this role will be detailed, organized, and excited about the opportunity to see God calling workers into the unreached parts of the world. Ask God to identify application processors. www.teamexpansion.org/opening

2017-10-04: Volunteers.

Team Expansion praises God for all the volunteers that have kept the Missionary Kid program in effect during family trainings that happen at Emerald Hills and at the Connect Gatherings. Praise God for an MK associate who has agreed to advocate for 200+ missionary kids via regular prayer updates.

2017-10-03: MK Coordinator.

Ask God to bring an MK Coordinator to Louisville so that Team Expansions’s MK program can move forward and excel in coming along missionary families shining their light in dark places of the world.

2018-10-02: Launch.

Launch is Team Expansion’s program for candidates that takes place 3 times a year. God continues to amaze us by sending quality mission minded folks through our door. Pray for partnerships to form that sends and sustains these workers going out and others already serving among unreached peoples.

2017-10-01: Ask the Lord of the Harvest.

Team Expansion continues to look to God for His supply of workers. There are many opportunities to serve and we trust God to raise up the right people at the right time for the right place and right purpose. So many opportunities are available to share the Good News of Jesus with unreached peoples. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers to his harvest fields.

2017-09-30: Jonathan Training.

Team Expansion has held another Jonathan Training this week at Emerald Hills for training in disciple making movements. Give thanks for this tool that is proving to be successful in enlarging the Kingdom of God on a local level as well as overseas. Pray for the participants to practice the DMM principles boldly and that God would cause the increase in multiplying disciples.

2017-09-29: Every Believer.

Father, may every believer in the United States view Jesus’s parting words to “go and make disciples…” as a personal call from Him. We pray every believer would embrace this call and fully obey Jesus by going, making disciples, baptizing, and teaching them to obey everything He commanded.